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Why Zen Habitats Is the Only Reptile Enclosure You Will Need!

Why Zen Habitats Is the Only Reptile Enclosure You Will Need!

We Are Confident Zen Habitats Is The Only Reptile Enclosure You Will Need!

We Are Confident Zen Habitats Is The Only Reptile Enclosure You Will Need!

Zen Habitats patent pending Meridian line is built for durability and functionality, so you can be sure that your enclosure will last for the life of your pet and beyond! 

Recently, Zen Habitats CEO, Randy, along with the Animal Care Manager, Kasey, showed off some of these amazing capabilities of the Meridian line of enclosures. Let's take a look into some of those key functions of the Meridian line and the benefit of Zen Habitats Enclosures.

Folding Design - Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Our new Meridian line is designed for quick and easy assembly. Your enclosure arrives pre-assemble, making the assembly process the easiest it has ever been! The side panels slide on, the doors go into the tracks, and 8 screws hold everything together securely. Our Meridian enclosures can be assembled from start to finish in less than 5 minutes! When you get really good at assembling our habitats, it is even faster! Randy and Kasey, put the Meridian 4x2x2 PVC Reptile Enclosure together in 1:22! This also means our Meridian enclosures can be disassembled for easy transport from one room to another, or to move houses.

 fast assembly and disassembly time with the Meridian Zen Habitats Enclosure 4x2x2 PVC reptile enclosure by Zen Habitats

Stack Every Reptile Enclosure

All Zen Habitats Enclosures are stackable using our 1” stacking spacers, deluxe stacking spacers, or cabinet stands. Due to the versatility of our enclosures, we have seen some really amazing stacking setups from our community! Before your reptile arrives in your home, check out what your setup will look like with our Design Your Dream Setup tool.

Design your dream setup by Zen Habitats to create the perfect reptile enclosure stack. Design Your Dream Setup tool can be found on the Zen Habitats website.

Every Zen Habitats Enclosure Is Expandable

Create larger enclosures as your pet grows, without having to get rid of old enclosures and start over! Zen Habitats enclosures can be expanded in length using our extension kits. Connect as many habitats as you’d like to make a truly custom size where your pet can thrive!

Want to know a bit of a secret? For the first time ever, we are showing off how our Meridian enclosures can even be linked together, front to back, to create a deeper enclosure without the use of a width extension kit. This can be done with every single one of our Meridian enclosures. To learn how to extend the depth of your enclosures, watch our full video here at the marked timestamp: A Secret Zen Hack! Adding Depth To Your Enclosure!

expanding the width of a Zen Habitats 4x2x2 enclosure. Every Zen Habitats Meridian enclosure can be expanded width with no extension kit needed

Zen Habitats Secure Your Reptiles With Ease

Zen Habitats enclosures are designed to safely keep your pet contained inside of their habitat! A set of two small metal door wraps are included with your habitat to keep small snakes from squeezing through the small front door gap. If you will not be using heat or having cables running into the enclosure, our standard wire grommet can be switched for the solid grommet to prevent escape. Included with your Zen Habitat is a simple wire lock that securely keeps doors closed. To keep out curious little fingers or guests that may be able to undo the wire lock, our habitats are compatible with keyed display case locks for extra security!

High Quality Screen Tops – Holds Up To 100lbs.

Our screen tops are designed to keep your scaly pet safely contained on the inside, and your fuzzy friends at a safe distance on the outside! We tried this experiment with our Zen Pup, Nash (45 lbs.) and some 100 lbs. weights of our own. We are proud to report that our screen top is designed to handle up to 100 lbs. of weight, meaning even a large breed dog or the world’s heaviest cat (39.7 lbs!) won’t be getting inside! Tyler Rugge, even tried this fun little experiment with his dog!

Nash The Zen Pup standing on top of a 4x2x2 Zen Habitats Meridian Reptile enclosure

High Quality Support Bars – Holds Up To 25 lbs.

Not only are the screen tops extremely secure, however, so are our screen support bars. Any lighting you decide to include in your enclosure, can be easily and securely hung from the support bars. If there are any other types of enrichment you want to include, like hanging vines, or hammocks, our support bars should have no issues holding them.

Zen Habitats can hold up to 25 lbs using the support bars. Meaning every Zen Habitats reptile enclosure can hold any lighting and reptile accessories you need

All Zen Habitats Enclosures Are Bioactive Compatible

Zen Habitats PVC are designed to handle any humidity level from 0-100%! With the included 6” optional substrate shield for the 2x2x2 and 4x2x2 Reptile Enclosures, and 12” built in substrate shield on the 4x2x4 Reptile Enclosure, our terrariums are popular choices for bioactive setups! Each enclosure can hold over 150 lbs. of substrate and decor without the use of additional support. Also included is an optional humidity shield, which covers ¾ of the screen top to help keep humidity levels high for animals that appreciate higher humidity.

blue tounge skink zen habitats pvc reptile enclosure

Make sure to pick up the Zen Habitats Bio Basin, which is designed to hold substrate and any water from leaking from your enclosure. This enclosure accessory is perfect for reptile owners wanting to add a water feature to their habitats, as on its own, our enclosures are not watertight. Check out some other great Zen Accessories to add to your reptile enclosure!

Zen Habitats Fits Your Space

That’s right, Zen Habitats now comes in black so you can now choose which color best fits the aesthetic of your space! Both the classic bamboo and the new sleek black line of enclosures are all built with the Meridian framework. Meaning all the benefits of Meridian, including the fast assembly, disassembly, and expandability of our habitats are now available in black! For more information check out our full article about Zen Habitats black enclosures here.

 Zen Habitats Black Enclosure with Oreo the Kingsnake

All Zen Habitats Include A 5 Year Warranty!

Our products are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects or workmanship. Return for any reason within 30 days if you are unsatisfied. A lifetime of support from our world class customer service gurus, available 7 days a week 8 am - midnight EST!


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